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Anti Media spent four weeks in the summer of 2012 building two lines in Lofoten, Norway; a dirt line and a big bike line. Their goal was to capture world-class riding in the untouched and unique nature around Lofoten. The fast shifting weather and continuous problems with getting the lines working left them with only a couple of days to complete the film. This is a highlight clip featuring all the best action from the project. Lines of Lofoten - a 5 episode web-series will be released shortly. Riders: Kristoffer Haugland, Adrian Tell, Didrik Dege Dimmen, Niclas Andersen and Nico Vink Project manager: Vegeir Selboe Director: Niels Windfeldt Producers: Andreas Braaten and Vegeir Selboe Filmers: Andreas Luft Johannessen, Trond Hansen, Niels Windfeldt and Andreas Braaten Grip/Drone: Daniell Khardi Ashby Sound: Trond Hansen Music: J Sigsworth Builders: Kenneth Bøster Helgestad Graphic Design: Dennis Magnus-Andresen Crew: Andy Yeyo and Carl Joachim Leegaard Partners: G-sport, Missing Link & SB

Alongside composing and producing the music for the full film above there is a 5 part web tv series. See below: